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Wallbarz Transformer 7D EG-KSK-007W torna- létra

Wallbarz Transformer 7D EG-KSK-007W torna- létra
  • Wallbarz Transformer 7D EG-KSK-007W torna- létra
  • Wallbarz Transformer 7D EG-KSK-007W torna- létra
  • Wallbarz Transformer 7D EG-KSK-007W torna- létra
  • Wallbarz Transformer 7D EG-KSK-007W torna- létra
  • Wallbarz Transformer 7D EG-KSK-007W torna- létra
  • Wallbarz Transformer 7D EG-KSK-007W torna- létra
  • Wallbarz Transformer 7D EG-KSK-007W torna- létra
  • Wallbarz Transformer 7D EG-KSK-007W torna- létra
  • Wallbarz Transformer 7D EG-KSK-007W torna- létra
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  • Does your child have an inexhaustible amount of energy? Or maybe you would like it to be more active? Does your child spend too much time in front of electronic devices? Or maybe it is difficult for him to find a job on long winter evenings? Are you looking for a gift for a child, but you don't want it to be another gadget that will be thrown into the corner after a few days? Its development and health are important to you? Wallbarz multifunctional ladders are the answer to each of these needs.

  • A multifunctional set for play, climbing and exercise. It is a modern sports complex, designed to accommodate a variety of activities for children and adults. This is a great and effective way to get your child to be physically active while at home. WALLBARZ Family Transformer 7D is equipped with a ladder, a rope ladder, an adjustable horizontal bar, a clip rope and gymnastic rings. The height of the adjustable bar can be changed as the child grows up. Thanks to this, the exercises are more comfortable, adjusted to the age and development of the child, and therefore safe. What is most important in this model, in addition to the standard functions, WALLBARZ Transformer 7D allows you to place two components (rope and rope ladder) in different places. Thus, it is a 2-in-1 product that can be adapted to our expectations. The great advantage of the set is also the fact that it does not take up much space in the room, thus it can be installed in almost any apartment. The kit is attached to the floor and ceiling.

  • The set is made of high-quality, powder-coated metal, providing a lot of fun and conditions for intense physical activity. Importantly, the rungs of the ladder are covered with eco-plastic, which makes them non-slip.

  • With the Wallbarz Family 7D Set, your house or apartment will become a place that will offer your child the opportunity to spend free time actively, discharge energy, and burn calories. Thanks to the set, your child will be able to develop their psychomotor skills every day, develop physically, take care of their condition and control their body more.

    Set contains:

  • wall ladder,
  • rope ladder
  • horizontal bar with adjustable height
  • climbing rope
  • gymnastic rings


  • Help your child develop physically, become strong and agile. You'll see how it works. Once you install the kit in your home, your child will begin to engage in helpful and safe exercises on their own. Your child will start to be interested in sport himself, and you will see its change and achievements very quickly. Games, plays and agility activities require children not only to be physically but also mentally active. Therefore, these exercises also largely affect the psychological development of the child and stimulate the imagination. Physical exercise activates breathing, circulation and metabolism, improves agility, develops coordination, speed, strength and endurance.

  • Thanks to our training sets, you can meet your physical needs at home, and by supporting and encouraging his actions, you will create an understanding and a bond that will have a positive impact on your relationships. So you not only take care of the health of the whole family, but also build a house full of warmth, love, mutual understanding and trust.


  • Our experts have studied the characteristics of children of all ages and have developed home exercise equipment that will affect their physical and mental development, which is particularly important in the era of technological progress and computerization of the world. Our products have been designed and created to encourage children and young people to live in the real, not virtual, world. In a world where they lead a healthy lifestyle, full of physical activity.


  • The set has been designed so that it can be easily installed even in a limited space.

  • Folding is quick and easy. All you need to do is combine all the elements and then assemble them according to the instructions. The attached instruction manual ensures correct and safe installation of the ladder.

  • All elements are made of high-quality products and have an aesthetic appearance. The climbing elements are non-slip and pleasant to touch. There are no dangerous protruding bolts or fasteners in the set


  • Safety is our priority. All ladders are tested and have the necessary certificates of compliance with the strict standards in force in the European Union. This is our guarantee that the product is safe for users. Importantly, the maximum user weight allowed is 100KG, but all tests are carried out at 200 kg. This ensures greater safety for children who are very active when exercising.


  • WALLBARZ Family 7D is available in several color versions, which have been specially selected by specialists so that they are attractive and attract the attention of every child, thus encouraging them to be active as often as possible. Aesthetics and available color variants will make the set fit into any interior, it will be its decoration and will attract the attention of your guests.


  • Load: 100 kg
  • White color
  • Product dimensions (L x W x H): 84 cm, 86 cm, 227-272 cm
  • Dimensions of the box or package (L x W x H): 116 cm, 61 cm, 14 cm
  • Gross / net weight: 27.08 kg / 24.23 kg
  • Room height: The facility is designed for rooms with a height of 227 cm
  • Bar width: 84 cm
  • Ladder width: 49 cm
  • Distance between steps: 26 cm
  • Purpose: from 3 years.
  • Material components: plastic, metal, rubber, cotton
  • Metal frame with powder coating
  • Ladder and bar: Massage function, non-slip surface
  • All bolts, nuts and holes are closed and with special plastic plugs.
  • The frame is made of steel pipes with a mounting range depending on the ceiling height - adjustable from 227 to 272 cm.
  • Mounting method: ceiling mounting, fixed between the floor and the ceiling, thus no drilling required.
  • Accessories: 8-step wall ladder, rope ladder, horizontal bar with height adjustment, climbing rope, 2 gymnastic rings. Adjustable height
  • individually using the handles on the ropes
  • Certificates: TÜV / GS Nord. Registration number 44 321 12404378 to 007
  • The gym mat is not included.
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Our innovative exercise equipment has been awarded by the Würzburg Institute for Movement Education & Movement Research and awarded the "Moving Innovation" quality seal

  • "Moving Innovation" is a seal of quality for determining the value of activity devices in terms of movement, learning and play to be so easy to use for parents, teachers, trainers and other users and to provide accurate guidance when making purchasing decisions.


  • “The Wallbarz play and climbing set is the perfect product for every child's room. It is a multifunctional play and climbing structure with wall bars, rope ladder, horizontal bar with height adjustment, climbing rope and gymnastic rings for children. Already during assembly, clear and easy assembly instructions draw attention. The device offers many possibilities for gymnastics and climbing. Transitions to fitness training can be smooth and quick. As this device takes up relatively little space and is integrated into the home furnishings, you can practice climbing and fitness alternately. With this compact and extremely versatile device, you can achieve the results that climbing training provides. ”

    Prof. Dr. Harald Lange, Faculty of Sports Sciences, specialization: Sports Education and Didactics and Physical Education at the University of Würzburg.
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