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Cruiser 604349 three-wheel shopping cart

Cruiser 604349 three-wheel shopping cart
  • Cruiser 604349 three-wheel shopping cart
  • Cruiser 604349 three-wheel shopping cart
  • Cruiser 604349 three-wheel shopping cart
  • Cruiser 604349 three-wheel shopping cart
  • Cruiser 604349 three-wheel shopping cart
  • Cruiser 604349 three-wheel shopping cart
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Children, work, preparing meals, cleaning the house, walking the dog ...

The sheer volume of duties means that you do not have time to do everyday small purchases? You end up buying supplies once a week and then tire of carrying unpacked bags home.

Sounds familiar? You may not change everything, but you can certainly make your errands easier. The Cruiser shopping cart is the perfect solution to help you transport your supplies without having to carry them around.

A shopping cart of the renowned Dutch brand Cruiser is comfort and safety

You can conveniently do the shopping and do not strain your joints with excessive kilograms. Cruiser strollers designed in the Netherlands are a guarantee of durability and European quality.

The capacity of the Cruiser tricycle is 58 liters. You can easily put up to 30 kg of purchases into it. At the back there is an additional 14 liter thermal bag attached with Velcro. Thanks to it, you can make long purchases even in summer without fear that the products will lose their properties under the influence of high temperatures. The thermal bag can be detached from the aluminum frame and used as a classic shoulder bag. The set includes a strap.

The empty Cruiser weighs 3.4 kg. It is made of waterproof, durable nylon and polyester, and is placed on an aluminum frame. It is a product for everyone. It will help seniors with daily shopping, parents when carrying more supplies, and pregnant women who should not carry anything. If you have problems with your joints, you have had surgery or an injury, the stroller will help you with your errands. It will also be useful for every supporter of a healthy lifestyle, a visitor to market stalls. By packing purchases straight into the trolley, you don't need plastic bags, so you save the environment. In addition, you save time and do not have to repackage the products.

A trip to the store is not the only time when Cruiser comes to your aid. You can pack a picnic lunch, beach and plot in the trolley. It can also be used by postmen, who will definitely be useful at work. Large and quiet wheels will allow you to comfortably use the stroller on a variety of surfaces.

The stroller has been designed to help you as much as possible while shopping. It has a lot of amenities that you will surely pay attention to and appreciate in everyday use.

The shopping trolley has a vertically adjustable handle. You can set it at any angle for convenient use.
There is a brake on the rear wheel, which makes the use of the stroller even safer.
The shopping bag is made of a mixture of nylon and polyester. Inside there is a PVC layer that keeps your purchases dry even when you come home from the store in the rain. The great advantage of polyester fabrics is that they are resistant to mold and moth. You don't have to worry about unpleasant smells accumulating inside the bag.

Technical data:

Trolley dimensions: 97 x 56 x 46
Trolley weight: 3.4 kg
Black colour
Material: nylon and polyester, aluminum frame
Capacity: 58 l
Maximum load of the trolley: 30 kg
Additional thermal bag capacity: 14 liters
Thermal bag dimensions: 34 x 17 x 27 cm
Warranty: 2 years

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