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Test Sculpture ugró kötél with adjustable kötél BK 725

Test Sculpture ugró kötél with adjustable kötél BK 725
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The BK 725 skipping rope with adjustable rope from Body Sculpture is perfect for warming up before other exercises or for carrying out a valuable training in itself. Although it is mainly associated with children's play in the yard, jumping rope improves coordination, helps to maintain balance and work on dexterity.

It is the only equipment that allows you to perform a complete fitness training for a low price, because it engages most of the muscles of the body. Thanks to this, you do not have to use several devices to strengthen different muscle groups. Just use a skipping rope. With its help, you will strengthen the muscles of the legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen. By jumping rope you will not only burn calories, get rid of unnecessary kilograms and improve the appearance of the figure, but also have a positive effect on the efficiency of your body, because the circulatory system will receive more oxygen. Regular exercise will not only affect your physical condition, but also improve your well-being. Another advantage of the skipping rope is that you can jump both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to this, you can train all year round, regardless of the weather.

The handles of the skipping rope BB 725 are covered with soft foam, which makes them comfortable to hold during exercise. The rope is 7 mm thick and its weight prevents it from getting tangled under the feet while jumping.

Jumping rope can still remind you of childhood games. There are so many jumping combinations that this type of training will not get boring for a long time. However, remember to avoid jumping on a surface that is too hard, so as not to burden the joints. In addition, it is good to have properly cushioned sports shoes.

Technical data:

Length: adjustable up to 275 cm
Rope diameter: 7 mm
Purpose: home use
Warranty: 2 years

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