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New Balance M M520LB7 cipő

New Balance M M520LB7 cipő
  • New Balance M M520LB7 cipő
  • New Balance M M520LB7 cipő
  • New Balance M M520LB7 cipő
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New Balance M M520LB7 shoes


  • Men's shoes designed for running, with a modern, characteristic for New Balance design.
  • Perfect for hard asphalt surfaces, for men with a neutral and supining foot type.
  • The upper consists of a very comfortable part made of a two-layer fabric with a mesh structure, making it light and airy, and also has a soft fit, which has been supported by a synthetic element that connects the side panels with the lacing system that supports the midfoot.
  • Seamless construction will avoid the risk of imprints that arise during the run just by rubbing the seams against the skin.
  • Another feature is a TPU cover in the toe area that protects this area from injuries as well as cracks and abrasions in the upper.
  • The stiffened heel counter stabilizes the foot and facilitates its correct positioning in the shoe so that it does not move sideways, thanks to which it reduces torsional movements that can be dangerous to health.
  • The soft inner liner adapts to the shape of the foot, ensuring a comfortable base.
  • The midsole uses Fresh Foam foam, very durable and resistant to deformation, which additionally absorbs shocks generated during impacts, thus protecting our joints.
  • The rubber outer sole has a honeycomb-shaped tread made of rubber protrusions, thanks to which we maintain adequate grip during the run, and the use of non-marking technology means that the sole does not leave dirty marks.
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