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Cornilleau Pilot Pulse Max 613625 cladding

Cornilleau Pilot Pulse Max 613625 cladding
  • Cornilleau Pilot Pulse Max 613625 cladding
  • Cornilleau Pilot Pulse Max 613625 cladding
16 339 Ft


  • Pulse Pilot offers unique sound and explosive acceleration during topspin.
  • The cladding is equipped with an IN-TENS sponge set at an angle of 37.5 °.
  • Combined with a flexible top layer with a higher coefficient of friction (GRIP EXTEND and PULSE technologies), Pilot Pulse is an energetic combination of speed, resonance and an ultra-precise feel to the ball.

  • All Cornilleau linings are ITTF accredited for official use in international tournaments.


    The IN-TENS² sponge is the market leader in terms of energy transmission. It fully meets the expectations of even the most demanding players, ensuring enhanced contact with the ball, precision and comfort. It also guarantees maximum enjoyment thanks to the sound emitted with every hit.

    The speed is determined by the specificity of the sponge + the surface layer, and above all by the properties of the sponge ("elastic effect" of elasticity + thickness + hardness). A thick sponge (2.0mm or max) will be more suitable for OFF / OFF + players, while a thinner sponge (1.6 or 1.8mm) will provide better control and better suited to all-round players. The hardness of the sponge is usually measured in degrees (the higher the grade, the harder the sponge).

    Ball rotation

    GRIP EXTEND outer layers allow you to carry even more spin in each phase of the game thanks to increased flexibility and an impressive level of grip. The grip is determined by the specificity of the sponge + top layer, and above all the properties of the top layer (grip + elasticity + shape). With better grip, the ball rotation will be better. Then, greater flexibility will increase the contact area with the ball. Shape and density also have a great influence on the effect.

    Technical data:

    Designed for an offensive style of play

    Red colour

    Color of the sponge: orange

    Speed: 140

    Rotation: 140

    Sponge thickness: Max

    Sponge hardness: 37.5 °

    Production country: Germany
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    Table Tennis
    Men, Women, Kids
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    Egyéb kiegészítők
    Synthetic anyag
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    500 g/db