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  • Basketball shoes PEAK TP9 are designed for people who love basketball.
  • They were designed for Tony Parker, the stars of this discipline.
  • The shoe meets all the technical and individual requirements of the athlete, and also used in their modern systems of the company PEAK:



    • Gradient Dual technology - the sole made of flexible and shock-absorbing materials ensures natural comfortable movement


    • The special TPU shape of the back of the shoe stiffens the leg


    • Peak Foothold technology - additional sole support, reducing the risk of sports injuries


    • Easymove- side treads facilitate the movement of the shoe and help players increase the speed of action


    • Treads on the front of the sole significantly reduce rubber wear and weight


    • Composite technology - the upper structure makes the shoes lighter and stable and improves their functionality.


    • Ventilation system - helps reduce heat so your feet stay dry even during fierce competition


    • Asymmetrical leather front of the shoe effectively strengthens the toe protection.



Technical data:



    • Type of shoes: basketball shoes


    • Type: male


    • Brand Name: PEAK


    • Color: black with white elements.






    • Upper: PU (synthetic leather + Mesh)


    • Insole (lining): EVA


    • Lining: polyester


    • Outsole: rubber.






    • laced


    • Stiffened heel


    • Very good ventilation and cushioning


    • High stability and grip


    • A lightweight shoe that adjusts to the foot


    • Sole shape prevents rubber abrasion


    • Signed with Tony Parker's name.



30 527 Ft
30 527 Ft
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