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Garett Út 9 GPS car camera


  • Record movies in 2160P resolution
  • Capture photos at a resolution of 12MP
  • Two cameras
  • NOVATEK 96663 V2 chipset with OV4689 optics
  • 170 degree wide POV viewing angle
  • G-Sensor, motion detection
  • Built-in GPS module and WiFi
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Integrated 2 '' display
  • Memory card slot up to 128 GB


Next-generation car camera

Car cameras are becoming an increasingly necessary equipment for cars, not only for business but also for private ones. The registration of road incidents is the best method to identify the perpetrator or to document a random accident. So it is important that the video record is of the highest quality. The following are responsible for the quality of our car camera: OV optics, NOVATEK system and WDR technology. It is thanks to these advantages that the camera can record movies in 2160P resolution and take photos in 12MP resolution. The high-class devices are also confirmed by: motion sensor, G-Sensor and built-in display.

Video in 2160P quality and great photo quality

The camera uses OV optics and NOVATEK chipset, which makes the recorded materials of high quality. Videos are recorded at 2160P (24 FPS) resolution, which is much higher than Full HD resolution. In addition, photos in a resolution of 12 MP will be an excellent material documenting each event. You can also superimpose your own text on videos and photos.

Two cameras that record the image at the front and rear of the vehicle

In addition to the standard front camera, it is possible to install an additional rear camera that will record the image at the rear of the vehicle. It is very useful, among others when parking, maneuvering, as well as when registering road incidents involving a vehicle following you.

WDR technology, wide field of view

Even a vehicle overtaking you in the tunnel will be registered in clear quality! This will be ensured by both the wide-angle lens, which allows you to register the space up to 170 °, and the WDR technology, which constantly corrects the lighting in order to obtain the optimal image.

WiFi module

The built-in Wi-Fi module enables wireless transfer of recorded material from the camera to all possible devices (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.). This option allows you to instantly share your recordings and photos right after they are taken.

Built-in GPS module

The place of the incident and speed will be automatically assigned to the recording or photo. The built-in GPS module determines the geographic coordinates on an ongoing basis, and also monitors the speed at which your vehicle is moving.

To view the video with detailed information on speed and geolocation, we recommend using Horson Player available in the "Download" tab.

Automatic recording start

You do not need to remember to turn on the car camera at all, because it can automatically turn on after turning the key in the ignition and automatically turn off at stops. There is simply no greater convenience ...

The device does not have a built-in battery. It is equipped with a supercapacitor, which, in the event of a power failure, supplies energy for a few seconds, allowing the device to be safely turned off and the recorded material saved.

Loop recording

The current moment is the most important thing for a car camera. Therefore, it will simply replace the oldest recordings with the current ones. Only those that are protected against overwriting will be protected. The so-called Loop recording prevents overloaded memory from preventing further recording.

Motion detection

The motion detection mode is the standby mode of the camera. When the camera is connected to the power supply, the motion sensor constantly monitors the space and if a moving object is detected, the camera automatically starts recording for about 1 minute.

G-sensor - automatic recording in the event of a collision and a motion sensor

The recording can start automatically when the built-in motion sensor registers an object moving in front of the camera. In case of a collision, the G-sensor will start the recording and at the same time give the recording the protection status against automatic overwriting.

Built-in microphone and speaker

Sounds are an important part of the recording and complement the documentation of the event. The camera has a built-in microphone as well as a loudspeaker that allows you to play back the recording with sound immediately after recording. System sounds are also assigned to functions, alerts and convenient physical buttons of the camera.

Useful additional functions

The device has been equipped with such useful functions as: lane assist, reminders to turn on the lights, as well as reminders about breaks while driving. The multi-functionality of the car camera makes it a truly modern complement to any vehicle.


Sample material recorded with the Garett Road 9 GPS car camera.
Note that the video quality is lower than the original recording quality due to the compression that is applied to the material posted on YouTube.

  • XML: No.
  • XML NL: No.
  • XML EN: No.
  • XML RT: No.
  • XML Swiss: No.
  • Built-in GPS module: Yes
  • Built-in WiFi module: Yes
  • Two cameras: Yes
  • Movable lens:
  • G-Sensor: Yes
  • Motion Detection: Yes
  • Parking mode: No.
  • Sony IMX optical sensor (main camera):
  • Sony IMX optical sensor (rear camera): IMX323
  • OV optical sensor (main camera): OV4689
  • OV optical sensor (rear camera):
  • NOVATEK system: NTK96663 V2
  • WDR technology: Yes
  • Taking pictures: Yes
  • Audio recording: Yes
  • Loop recording: Yes
  • Built-in speaker: Yes
  • Automatic on and off: Yes
  • Driving rest reminders: Yes
  • Forward Collision Warning: Yes
  • Lane Departure Warning: Yes
  • Lights on reminders: Yes
  • Processor: Novatek 96663 V2
  • Optical sensor (main camera): OV4689
  • Optical sensor (rear camera): Sony IMX323
  • Recording resolution (main camera): 2280 * 2160 24fps
  • Recording resolution (rear camera): Full HD 1080P 30fps
  • Video file format: MP4 H.264
  • Photo capture resolution: 12MP
  • Viewing angle (FOV) - main camera: 170 degrees
  • Viewing Angle (FOV) - Rear Camera: 170 degrees
  • Display: Built-in 2 "
  • Memory: Micro SD memory card from 2 GB to 128 GB (not included)
  • Built-in Battery: None
  • Power supply: USB 5V / 2A
  • USB connector: Mini USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 115mm x 57mm x 55mm
  • Mounting bracket type: Double-sided tape holder
  • Permissible operating temperature: -10 ℃ to 55 ℃
  • Warranty: 24 months
89 201 Ft
89 201 Ft
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