Spaking Jacuzzi SOHO 3-person SPA PREMIUM

Imagine that after a difficult day at work, many meetings and negotiations, you can fully relax in the jacuzzi in your own garden or on the terrace. You set the temperature you want, nobody bothers you, and sore and tense muscles massage themselves.

It sounds inviting? Now your own garden spa is at your fingertips.

Relaxation in the jacuzzi is also useful for athletes, supporting and accelerating the regeneration process. Whether you are a professional training every day or only active on weekends, the garden spa will help you relax after exercising.

Water heals the mind, body and soul.

Hydrotherapy helps reduce stress levels, soothe back pain, and regenerate after training or a demanding day. Regular hydromassage helps fight insomnia, prevents leg cramps and even diseases such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.

You are probably wondering how it is possible that the equipment that you can put in your garden has so many health-promoting properties?

LOTS OF SPACE: The Jacuzzi allows 3 people to enjoy the benefits of hydromassage at the same time. Comfortable 2 lying places with a headrest allow full body immersion, which in combination with massage jets from the feet to the shoulders ensures perfect rest and relaxation. One place was left typically sitting with more intensive back massage. Appropriate circulation of places gives the best effect of relaxation and full body massage.

MASSAGE NOZZLES: Thanks to the appropriate arrangement of the nozzles in the contoured seats, the whole body is subjected to a deep massage, which improves blood circulation and relaxes tense muscles. Some of the nozzles are adjustable and, accordingly, have a stronger or lighter point massage.

AIR JETS: Specially designed air nozzles direct the air stream to specific parts of the body, relaxing and relaxing. The aerating effect gives a feeling of lightness and refreshment during the massage. In addition, at high temperatures in the water it helps to cool the temperature a little. Used with hydro massage or alternately, it gives fantastic results.

LED LIGHTING: Create a unique atmosphere thanks to the built-in LED lighting inside the bathtub and on the outer casing. Control the lighting from your smartphone or control panel. Four colors to choose from.

WATER PUMP: The highest-quality, high-power pumps will ensure that each user fully enjoys the benefits of hydromassage. In addition, the circulation pump with two cartridge filters and ozonation ensures constant water circulation to prevent its contamination. Such a system ensures freshness and readiness for use at any time.

REMOTE CONTROL: Our hot tubs have a remote control system. Using your smartphone, you can set the temperature, turn on or off any of the massage or lighting functions. It's all from wherever you are. Additionally, you can set any 5 different operating modes: Standard, Energy, Energy Saving, Weekender, Away From Home. Each of the modes can be programmed appropriately in terms of filtration time and temperature. Settings are possible from the touch panel or smartphone.

TOUCH PANEL: We have equipped our SPA with the best Gecko touch panels from the USA. They allow full-scale control and programming of the jacuzzi.

BALBOA TECHNOLOGY: An innovative control, filtration and water heating system. The system allows for quick and easy installation of power, pumps and accessories for the jacuzzi, making it reliable and easy to use.

WATER OZONATION: The built-in water ozonation system prevents the formation of algae and bacteria in the water.

INSULATION: The garden spa is equipped with an additional base insulation made of plastic (ABS), and a 3 cm thick foam insulation basin covered with an insulating foil. They guarantee that the jacuzzi will maintain the temperature you set for longer, and thus it will heat it less frequently and use less electricity. The heat generated from the pumps and the installed equipment inside the housing additionally improves the maintenance of the programmed temperature, especially in winter. Good insulation of the garden bathtub saves you for years.

HEADRESTS: For even greater comfort of use. Made of soft foam with a rubber coating. Removable and adjustable.

SECTION CONTROL: Adjust the intensity of the massage nozzles to each user individually. The sections are divided appropriately so as to comfortably control the neighboring stations or from the place closest to the control panel.

NOZZLE SYSTEM: The system of nozzles was designed after consultation with physiotherapists. Thanks to this, they have been arranged in such a way as to massage the aching and tense muscles as effectively as possible. Some of the nozzles are adjustable in terms of opening and closing, and apart from changing the massage intensity with sectional control, we can additionally adjust them on the nozzle. Ergonomic seats fit almost any body shape, allowing you to relax and unwind.

ACCESSORIES: There are steps attached to the garden tub. They will make it easier for you to enter, but also for your children, who will surely enjoy the possibility of swimming in a small bubble pool. The set also includes a thick insulated and closed cover that will protect the spa and, above all, keep it at the right temperature. Some models are equipped with additional hydraulic jacks that assist in lifting the lid by one person. All our bathtubs are equipped with external built-in Bluetooth speakers.

ILLUMINATED FOUNTAINS: Create a unique atmosphere thanks to the LED diodes built into the jacuzzi fountains. Two emerging fountains when starting one of the sections. One valve controlled arc fountain when one of the pumps is turned on. The fountain is designed to give a visual effect, but most of all an acoustic one. The whisper of the stream of water helps you relax and calm down, especially when you live in a busier location.

EXECUTION MATERIAL: Acrylic imported from the USA by Aristech, a company renowned on the market. Aristech Acrylics® is a high-quality sanitary material from which the bathtub basin was made. Acrylic is resistant to UV radiation, cracking and abrasion. The frame of the jacuzzi is made of stainless steel, and the casing is made of a composite resistant to UV rays and mechanical damage. Thanks to this, it is easy to clean and aesthetic.

Contact us to find out about the available color versions.

Aristech Acrylics® has been a leading supplier of acrylic sheets for the hot tub and swimming pool industry for decades. Advantages of Aristech acrylic:

The surface finish remains bright over the years of use.
The colors do not fade when exposed to sunlight.
Acrylic is resistant to common household stains such as lipstick, dye, ink and crayon.
It insulates heat and is pleasant to the touch.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 220 x 156 x 80 cm (L x W x H)

Height with cover: 89 cm

Cover thickness: 9 cm

Water volume: 795 liters

Weight without water: 225 kg

Weight when filled: 1020 kg

2 858 469 Ft
2 858 469 Ft
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