Joma R. Vitalij W Hölgy 719 running cipő

Joma R. Vitaly W Lady 719 running shoes


  • Joma women's shoes from the VITALY line are neutral footwear dedicated to novice runners
  • the model is equipped with good absorption and modern technologies
  • Flexo - a system in the sole that adjusts the shoe to the movement of the foot
  • Full Dual Pulso r - dual-density material system called Phylon for better impact absorption over a larger sole surface
  • Stabilis - a light PVC insert located in the center of the sole, allowing independent movement of the front of the foot and heel.
  • Cell Cushion System - allows better cushioning and faster shape recovery
  • Durability - a system located in the sole that provides greater durability thanks to the rubber with high resistance to slowing down wear caused by abrasion, thereby extending the life of the footwear


  • shank: leather
  • inside: textile material


  • blue
5 398 Ft
5 398 Ft
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