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Schildkrot 960031 balancing platform
9 393 Ft
Akció: 9 000 Ft
9 393 Ft  9 000 Ft
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Sky SVP05 Vibration Platform

Sky SVP05 Vibration Platform

The SVP05 vibrating platform is a device thanks to which we can achieve a perfect figure. Exercises on the platform are training the whole body: leg muscles, buttocks, abdomen, as well as upper muscles.
The platform allows you to train at three levels of intensity. Standing in the middle of the device simulates gait, maintaining a small gap between the feet makes you go jogging, and wide foot spacing is a sprint simulation. The device has 99 speed levels, combined with a timer that has a SVP05 computer guarantees that the equipment will match your expectations. An additional plus is the massage mat included in the kit. The mat is placed on the platform. The combination of vibrations and special massage tabs on the mat guarantees perfect foot massage and, as a result, complete relaxation. The set includes resistance straps that will diversify and complete your training. In addition, the platform perfectly stimulates blood circulation, relaxes and supports muscle regeneration.

The device is suitable for people of all levels. SVP05 has 10 training programs, as well as a manual mode which gives the opportunity to adapt the workout to your capabilities and needs. The instrument is very easy to use. The remote control included with the product allows you to easily control and change programs. In addition, the platform has bluetooth and built-in speakers. This gives us the opportunity to connect to the platform through our smartphone or other device and listen to our favorite music during training. The platform display shows the distance traveled and calories burned.

Thanks to SVP05, getting a perfect body shape will be possible without effort, heavy equipment or gym passes. Training is possible even while watching your favorite program on TV.


  • dimensions: 76 x 48 x 15 cm
  • Product weight: 15.5 kg
  • material: iron, plastic
  • functions: 10 training programs, manual mode regulating work speed, 99 speed levels, bluetooth, speakers
  • maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • rated power: 110-220V, 200W, one motor
  • rated frequency: 10hz
  • vibration amplitude: 10 mm
  • the kit includes: remote control, resistance straps, massage mat, vibration platform

63 860 Ft
63 860 Ft
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Spokey 928816 balancing platform

Spokey balancing platform black and green 928816

  • The balancing platform will allow you to adopt the correct posture and improve motor coordination.
  • Non-slip construction made of durable PP material increases stability.

Technical data:

  • diameter: 39 cm
  • PP plastic platform
  • maximum user weight: 110 kg
4 493 Ft
4 493 Ft
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