Hátizsák Inov-8 All Terep Pro Mellény 0-15L 000531-BKGY-01

Backpack Inov-8 All Terrain Pro Vest 0-15L 000531-BKGY-01


  • two backpacks in one - slimmed vest for competitions with the possibility of attaching a 15-liter zipped pocket on the back when you need a larger backpack for longer trips
  • 6 straps securing the main pocket to prevent it from collapsing while running
  • the additional bag itself has two elastic pockets on the sides and cords that compress the whole thing
  • the vest itself has a pocket for a water bag, at the bottom of the back there is a zippered pocket made of elastic material, which will definitely fit the jacket
  • a total of 4 pockets on the front (2 for water flasks, 1 closed with a zipper) and on the sides two wide, elastic mesh pockets tightened with cords
  • the vest is made of ultra-light and durable materials that are partially waterproof.


  • the possibility of adjusting the backpack to the figure is possible thanks to two adjustable straps on the sides of the vest and two height-adjustable straps on the chest.
  • fits both 1L and 2L bladder.
  • 8 pockets in the vest itself plus an additional 3 after attaching a large pocket.
  • 2 0.5L soft water bottles with tubes included.


  • black
60 658 Ft
60 658 Ft
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Hátizsák Inov-8 Race Pro 5 Mellény 000787-BKGR-01

Backpack Inov-8 Race Pro 5 Vest 000787-BKGR-01


  • designed for easy access while running - pack the vest your way in a four-way nylon main compartment, connected to an easily accessible lumbar pocket
  • spacious front compartments with 8 pockets
  • including two bottom pockets with zippers for storing new Ultraflaskies with a capacity of 0.5L, pocket for gloves / hat, front pockets with secure closure for electro equipment, upper pocket with a water bag compartment
  • finally two large mesh pockets, perfect for storing all your easy access items
  • Fully customizable thanks to adjustable elastic straps around the sternum and adjustable straps in the side pockets for an optimal fit
  • soft water bottles can be carried in two positions
  • high - at the level of the chest, or in the area of the lower ribs using additional tips with a long tube
  • the backpack also comes with a new foldable mug [speed-up], ideal for competitions, often required as a must-have.


  • model: unisex
  • Size: S / M and L / XL
  • capacity: 5l
  • two 500 ml soft water bottles included
  • foldable mug in a set of 200ml
  • 8 front pockets
  • compression straps
  • whistle




51 980 Ft
51 980 Ft
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Inov-8 Race Elite Mellény 000178-BK-01 backpack

Inov-8 Race Elite Vest 000178-BK-01 backpack


  • Race Elite Vest can be a very good solution if you don't need the entire backpack
  • made of very light material, which makes it fully breathable
  • it has 6 adjustable straps, so it can be well adjusted to the body
  • there is room for a wineskin
  • no water bottles included - zipped pockets can be used to pack gels, soft water flasks, a camera or a phone
  • numerous pockets on the chest allow you to take a few small items with you
  • a whistle was placed in the buckle
  • it does not have an elastic band on the back of the backpack
  • the vest will work well during ultra runs
  • size: for people with a chest circumference from 78 to 112 cm


  • polyester


  • black
22 475 Ft
22 475 Ft
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