Állítható bilincs BB 918

Adjustable clamp BB 918

The clamps are intended for exercising the muscles of the hands and forearms. Adjustable resistance to individual needs. Patented resistance adjustment technology. Two-tone finish.

Product description:

  • the ability to adjust resistance to individual needs
  • patented resistance adjustment technology
  • two-colored finish


  • the clamps are intended for training the muscles of the hands and forearms
  • they are also used in the rehabilitation of fingers and hands
  • used in the treatment of diseases of the joints and muscles due to the mechanical repetition of various movements
3 269 Ft
3 269 Ft
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Atlas Bowflex PR 1000

Atlas Bowflex® PR1000 is the perfect and unique device for your home. Its great advantage is the fact that we can carry out effective strength and cardio training on one equipment. It's over 25 different exercises that allow you to train all muscle groups. Thanks to the built-in tablet holder and access to exercise videos, you can do them the right way and avoid injury.

RESISTANCE SYSTEM: Bowflex PR 1000 uses a resistance bar system. They work like an arc, providing increased voltage when the wires stretch and smaller when they straighten. This convenient technology makes training easier and makes it safer and more convenient. Everything has been designed so that you can completely focus on training, without having to adjust the resistance. The maximum load is 95 kg.

EXERCISE VARIETY: Thanks to the many grips and the ability to adjust the slope of the training bench, the variety of exercises you can do on the atlas is huge. Each of the trainings presented in the film can be modified to comfortably work on different muscle parts. Strength exercises allow the abdominal muscles, arms, chest, back, arms and lower body to work effectively. Adding cardio exercises can boost your metabolism and burn calories.

FOLDING: Atlas has been designed so that it can be easily stored. After training, you can raise the bench, reducing the area that the device occupies by up to 50%. Thanks to this, storing the atlas at home becomes much more convenient.

INNOVATIVE BENCH: The training bench allows for even greater variety of exercises. You can adjust its level of inclination to the workout that you currently want to perform. Additionally, to combine strength training with cardio, you can change the bench into a built-in rowing station. Thanks to this, you will not only strengthen your muscles, but also burn more calories.

TABLET HOLDER: The built-in tablet holder allows you to use the tablet safely, thanks to which you can enjoy available exercises videos. This will help maintain proper posture during exercise, so you will avoid injury and training will be more effective.


Number of possible exercises: 25+
Resistance: Power Rod - 95 KG
Includes three full training videos that can be watched on a multimedia frame
Additional equipment: tablet holder
Dimensions without bench: 113.5 x 203 x 209 cm (L x W x H)
Dimensions with bench: 208 x 203 x 209 cm (L x W x H)
Dimensions of the atlas with space for exercise: 262 x 203 x 209 cm (L x W x H)
Maximum user weight: 136 kg
Intended for home use
Warranty: 2 years

WARNING! The film is illustrative material. The equipment presented in it may slightly differ from the one offered for sale. A detailed specification of the equipment is given above.

387 846 Ft
387 846 Ft
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Atlas with multigym pad PRO BMG 4700, stack 66kg

Atlas BMG 4700 BODY SCULPTURE is a professional multifunctional device for intensive exercise at home. Atlas allows you to safely exercise on different muscle groups, just like in a professional gym. It is an ideal solution for both women and men who want to improve the overall condition and appearance of the figure, increase and strengthen muscle mass.

Atlas allows you to shape all muscle groups: the widest back, chest, deltoid, trapezoidal, postural, buttocks, forearms, shoulder, triceps, also allows you to exercise the legs in sitting and standing positions. You can do over 40 types of exercises on the atlas!


Solid and stable construction made of steel profiles
Ergonomic, modern shape of the profiles
Foam finish handles
High quality upholstery for the user's comfort
High back bench (new black and red design)
Upper lift for hanging exercises and push-up handles
In the side part a profiled inclined bench with the possibility of hanging dumbbells is mounted
Prayer book for training two-headed arms and a foot station
Double arm lever with lock for butterfly station
Plastic coated weights - silent stack operation
Chrome upper and lower hoist bars
Black construction - hot painted
Gear ratio 2: 1 for the butterfly station - the exerciser lifts a weight 2 x greater than the weight of the load
Modern pile guard

Technical data:


Width: 240 cm - dimension from the edge of the bench to the handles for exercising push ups
Length: 154 cm - dimension from the prayer book to the furthest rear edge of the atlas
Height: 210 cm

Weight: 149 kg
Package weight: 155 kg (please note the increased shipping costs)
Stack weight: 66 kg adjustable
Maximum user weight: 100 kg


The equipment is covered by a 24 MONTH guarantee
The Atlas complies with the European safety standard EN957
The device is intended for home use
Atlas is packed in 5 cartons:

1/5 - 18x25x206 cm weight 28 kg
2/5 - 15x42x127 cm, weight 24 kg
3/5 - 22x46x124 cm, weight 34 kg
4/5 - 20x32x38 cm weight 28.5 kg
5/5 - 20x33x38 cm weight 28.5 kg

336 800 Ft
336 800 Ft
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ELEKTRO BF izom stimulátor
8 175 Ft
Akció: 8 713 Ft
8 175 Ft  8 713 Ft
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HMS plate 15 kg TCZ15

The TC15 HMS black platter is a cast iron bar load. The product is made of the best quality materials, thanks to which the comfort of use for years will be the same as on the day of its purchase.

The main advantages of the plate are the perfect cast and aesthetic finish. Thanks to the possibility of changing the load, we can increase the level of difficulty of our training. The platter has a hole diameter of 31 mm, which makes it suitable for any standard bar.

HMS black plates are perfect for people who are just starting their adventure with weights, but also for those more advanced.

The HMS black plate is available in the following versions: 1.25 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg.


Material: cast iron
hole diameter: 31 mm
Weight: 15 kg
Outer Diameter:

1.25 kg: 125 mm
2.5 kg: 160 mm
5 kg: 195 mm
10 kg: 270 mm
15 kg: 320 mm
20 kg: 350 mm


1.25 kg: 20 mm
2.5 kg: 24 mm
5 kg: 30 mm
10 kg: 34 mm
15 kg: 35 mm
20 kg: 36 mm

20 122 Ft
20 122 Ft
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Nordictrack FUSION CST magnetic atlasz

We present innovative equipment for the home gym - MAGNETIC ATLAS FUSION CST - will meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

Atlas gives you the opportunity to combine strength training with endurance training (cardio), so exercising with the FUSION CST atlas increases muscle strength and mass, and improves heart performance. In addition, thanks to the special resistance disc and 20 levels of magnetic resistance, the FUSION CST atlas allows you to achieve training goals in one smooth workout at any intensity of your choice.

The FUSION CST atlas comes with a 10-inch tablet with the iFit application, which gives you the opportunity to choose the training of the desired level of difficulty and sophistication from several dozen available on the iFit platform. In addition, the user can choose a personal trainer and has access to a library of FUSION CST films focusing on specific body parts or muscle groups.

The kit comes with a chest telemetry strap for wireless heart rate measurement and a special tablet stand.


LED display, 5-inch negative (displaying WATTS value and heart rate)
20 levels of magnetic resistance
10-inch tablet included
IFit Bluetooth chest strap included
6 comfortable, non-slip handles + 2 additional ankle handles
Practical tablet stand and integrated tablet holder on the main column of the atlas
Quiet work compared to gym equipment
Dimensions: 105 x 184 x 187 cm
Product weight: 170 kg

After logging in to the iFit platform, the user selects a specific training program, which is then briefly discussed by the selected personal trainer. The tablet screen displays the specifications and parameters of the selected workout:

amount of calories burned
percentage ratio of cardio and strength exercises in the selected workout
minimum and maximum resistance level
difficulty level (advancement)

During training, the resistance level is automatically adjusted to specific exercises, however, the user can manually change the resistance level at any time during training (changes are made on the tablet screen).

During the whole training, the personal trainer performs the same exercises on the tablet screen as the user, additionally motivates and gives instructions so that the user can feel his presence and support and correctly perform the exercises.

The iFit platform provides individual training programs and training series (e.g. 4, 8 or 12 weeks).

WARNING! The film is illustrative material. The equipment presented in it may slightly differ from the one offered for sale. A detailed specification of the equipment is given above.

1 173 955 Ft
1 173 955 Ft
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  Test Sculpture Multigym BMG 4303 single station machine, STOS 66 KG

The single-station Multigym BMG 4303 multi-station machine by Body Sculpture is a stable equipment for intensive exercise at home. Thanks to it, you will save time spent on traveling to the gym or waiting for the equipment to be released.

One device allows you to exercise all the important muscle groups, both sitting and standing. It means that you do not have to stockpile more equipment, dumbbells, bars or weights at home. Thanks to the fact that the loads in the multi-gym are properly secured, training on it is safe. The Body Sculpture brand atlas is intended for women and men who want to improve their condition, the appearance of their figure, increase their strength or build up their muscle mass.

The solid steel base allows you to safely perform all exercises. You have a guarantee that the atlas will stand steadily throughout the training. The bench and the backrest are covered with a sponge and covered with a material that makes exercising more comfortable. The material can be wiped with a disinfectant and a clean cloth after training to keep it clean. The weights are covered with plastic. This guarantees a quiet operation of the stack.

All this makes the BMG 4303 multi-gym a suitable device for both beginners and advanced. Remember to warm up and stretch before starting exercise. Then the muscles will be prepared for loads and less prone to injuries. It is important to stretch after training as well. This will help calm the body, relax the muscles and have a positive effect on the work of the circulatory system.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 162 x 106 x 201 cm (L x W x H)

Seat dimensions: 38 x 28 cm

Seat material: PVC

Distance between the handles: 73 cm

Weight: 103.2 kg

Stack weight: 66 kg

Maximum user weight: 100 kg

Purpose: domestic use

Warranty: 2 years

Complies with the European safety standard EN957

ATTENTION! The film is illustrative material. The equipment presented in it may slightly differ from the one offered for sale. Detailed hardware specification can be found above.

234 707 Ft
234 707 Ft
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Xtreme Bowflex 2 SE 100348 single seat atlasz

Invest in a good quality atlas to train at home. A device that is stable, safe and will stay with you for years.

BOWFLEX® XTREME® 2 SE is an innovative and unique Bowflex atlas. Thanks to it you will do over 70 exercises! 7 training programs will help you reach your training goals faster than ever.

BOWFLEX® XTREME® 2 SE allows you to change exercises faster and easier, because thanks to the Power Rod® quick change system, there is no need to replace wires for each station.

If you are looking for an atlas suitable for your home, this one is just for you. It guarantees safety during training, and its work is quiet and does not disturb other household members. The frame is made of very durable steel, which ensures good condition of the equipment for many years.

RESISTANCE SYSTEM: Bowflex Xtreme® 2 SE uses a resistance bar system. They work like an arc, providing increased voltage when the wires stretch and smaller when they straighten. This convenient technology makes training easier, makes it safer and more convenient. You don't have to carry weights or move cables. Everything has been designed so that you can completely focus on training, without having to constantly adjust the resistance. The maximum load is 95 kg, but if you need more, the atlas can be expanded to 140 kg and even 186 kg.

TRAINING PROGRAMS: Training programs prepared by specialists have been described in the instructions so that you can easily start training even if you are a beginner and you do not have much knowledge and experience in performing exercises. An additional advantage is the fact that several of them last only 20 minutes. During the time you would spend just going to the gym, you can do a full-fledged workout of all the main muscles of the body.

COMPACT SIZE: The compact size of the atlas is its additional advantage. According to the assumption of its home purpose, it was designed to fit in the room.

SEAT: Ergonomically designed, adjustable, leather seat will help you adopt the right posture and keep it during exercise. Thanks to this, you can fully use the potential of the device and provide your muscles with effective training.


Number of possible exercises: over 70
Training programs: 7 (20-minute training, advanced general training, 20 upper / lower body parts, body building, circuit training (aerobic or anaerobic), strength training
Resistance technology: resistance rods
Base load: 95 kg (expandable to 140 kg or 186KG)
You don't have to replace any cables - everything can be used immediately
Training DVD included in the kit
Dimensions: 210.82 x 147.32 x 124.46 cm (L x W x H)
Maximum user weight: 136 kg
Intended for home use
Warranty: 2 years

612 450 Ft
612 450 Ft
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