Atlas Bowflex PR 1000

Atlas Bowflex® PR1000 is the perfect and unique device for your home. Its great advantage is the fact that we can carry out effective strength and cardio training on one equipment. It's over 25 different exercises that allow you to train all muscle groups. Thanks to the built-in tablet holder and access to exercise videos, you can do them the right way and avoid injury.

RESISTANCE SYSTEM: Bowflex PR 1000 uses a resistance bar system. They work like an arc, providing increased voltage when the wires stretch and smaller when they straighten. This convenient technology makes training easier and makes it safer and more convenient. Everything has been designed so that you can completely focus on training, without having to adjust the resistance. The maximum load is 95 kg.

EXERCISE VARIETY: Thanks to the many grips and the ability to adjust the slope of the training bench, the variety of exercises you can do on the atlas is huge. Each of the trainings presented in the film can be modified to comfortably work on different muscle parts. Strength exercises allow the abdominal muscles, arms, chest, back, arms and lower body to work effectively. Adding cardio exercises can boost your metabolism and burn calories.

FOLDING: Atlas has been designed so that it can be easily stored. After training, you can raise the bench, reducing the area that the device occupies by up to 50%. Thanks to this, storing the atlas at home becomes much more convenient.

INNOVATIVE BENCH: The training bench allows for even greater variety of exercises. You can adjust its level of inclination to the workout that you currently want to perform. Additionally, to combine strength training with cardio, you can change the bench into a built-in rowing station. Thanks to this, you will not only strengthen your muscles, but also burn more calories.

TABLET HOLDER: The built-in tablet holder allows you to use the tablet safely, thanks to which you can enjoy available exercises videos. This will help maintain proper posture during exercise, so you will avoid injury and training will be more effective.


Number of possible exercises: 25+
Resistance: Power Rod - 95 KG
Includes three full training videos that can be watched on a multimedia frame
Additional equipment: tablet holder
Dimensions without bench: 113.5 x 203 x 209 cm (L x W x H)
Dimensions with bench: 208 x 203 x 209 cm (L x W x H)
Dimensions of the atlas with space for exercise: 262 x 203 x 209 cm (L x W x H)
Maximum user weight: 136 kg
Intended for home use
Warranty: 2 years

WARNING! The film is illustrative material. The equipment presented in it may slightly differ from the one offered for sale. A detailed specification of the equipment is given above.

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