Bauer X Jr Hockey Nadrág 1059186

Bauer X Children's hockey pants


  • The Bauer X Youth hockey pants are designed with hockey players in the amateur sport in mind.
  • The main advantages are fit, comfort and appearance - sublime graphics that no other competitor in this price range uses.
  • The outer side is a durable 220D nylon shell which does a great job of resisting wear.
  • The shell also has a stretch zone along the crotch area to improve flexibility and mobility in the pants.
  • The thigh protection of the Bauer X Pants consists of a high-density foam with molded PE (polyethylene) inserts.
  • They are anatomically shaped and wrap nicely around the leg, giving the impression of a low profile.
  • This allows the liner to move with your body and prevent the pants from spinning when in contact.
  • Level: Recreation
  • Size: S, M, L.
  • Spine Protection: Integrated spine with molded PE protection
  • Kidney Cover: One piece with molded PE and MD foam
  • Hip: One-piece hip protector with a classic cut
  • Thigh protection: Molded PE and MD foam. Belt: laces and belt closure


  • Durable 220D nylon with overlay and stretch zone


  • Sublimated lining
19 642 Ft
19 642 Ft
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