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Meteor Street 10135 Kosárlabda Set


  • Meteor Street is a complete basketball set that will provide a lot of fun for everyone!
  • Adjustable (steel tube)   it makes it easier to adjust to people playing and adapt to the level of advancement.
  • The base is solid (HDPE material), you can fill it with sand (20 kg) or water, so the basket will be stable during the game.
  • The waterproof nylon from which the net is made allows you to safely use it outdoors, without worrying about the weather conditions.
  • A durable steel rim and a backboard made of solid polyethylene guarantee a long life of the product.
  • The board provides a high quality of reflection.
  • The basket is designed for children and adults to play outside.
  • The set includes a rubber ball (size 1.5) and a plastic pump.
37 422 Ft
37 422 Ft
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