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Meteor picnic takaró 220x260cm 4XL watermelons 77129

Meteor picnic blanket 220x260cm 4XL watermelons 77129


Picnic blanket METEOR 220X260 cm multicolored stripes


  • If you love spending time outdoors with family or friends, or you dream of relaxing in nature, this product is just for you!


  • The Meteor picnic blanket will become an indispensable accessory for every lover of picnics, nature excursions and sunbathing.


  • It was made of high-quality fleece characterized by softness and good protection against colder surfaces, which significantly improves the comfort of use.


  • The material used as the lining of the blanket guarantees excellent thermal insulation parameters. In addition, the bottom is covered with a thin layer of aluminum to prevent soaking.


  • The blanket is easy to fold, it takes up little space and the sewn-on handle makes it easy to carry. A zipped pocket allows you to easily store keys, documents or a wallet. Loops placed in each corner of the blanket make it easy to attach to the ground with herring.


  • Sufficiently large, it will accommodate a large family and colorful graphics will be enjoyed for a long time.





    • Size: 220X260 cm



    • Material: fleece, PVC foam, ALU - a material protecting against moisture from the ground and having very good thermal insulation properties


    • Weight: ~ 940 g


    • Color: multicolor stripes


    • Easy to keep clean


    • Velcro closure


    • Equipped with a zippered pocket and loops for attaching herring


    • Price per item.


15 973 Ft
15 973 Ft
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