Electric Treadmill Reebok FR20 Floatride fekete

The FR20 Floatride treadmill uses the latest technology to turn running at home into an extraordinary experience. Designed entirely with the amateur in mind, the FR20 has the solid quality you would expect from a heavily used commercial treadmill.

At the heart of the FR20 is Reebok's latest eco-Kinetic motor, delivering impressive power from a compact, quiet and energy-saving power unit. Positioned under the elegant hood, the eco-Kinetic reaches a peak power of 2.25hp, easily propelling the runner to speeds of up to 18 km / h. The engine's durability has been rigorously tested to ensure maximum reliability throughout its service life.

Drawing inspiration from the award-winning Floatride running shoe, the designers have equipped the FR20 treadmill with Floatride +, the latest treadmill cushioning technology. Cushioning zones are strategically placed to help reduce stress on the joints on impact.

The runner has full control of his training. With one button, he can choose one of 15 incline levels or 32 training programs. Discover even more by syncing your FR20 with the Reebok Fitness app to open up a whole world of virtual running routes and challenges. Keep up the pace with your favorite music from the integrated speakers or series and movies from a tablet placed on the accessory shelf.

Progress is tracked via a slim LED console with a range of live metrics including speed, distance, time, calories, heart rate and more. Further data can be tracked and analyzed using the compatible Reebok Fitness App, designed to help runners achieve training progress and personal goals.


Display: LED touchscreen

Displayed values: speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, body fat

Speed range: 1 - 18 km / h

Incline levels: 15

Training programs: 32

Motor power: 1.25 CHP (continuous), 2.25 HP (peak)

Dimensions: 177 x 69 x 115 cm (L x W x H)

Walking belt size: 140 x 46 cm (L x W)

App Connectivity: Reebok Fitness App

Heart rate measurement: sensors, the possibility of measuring from the chest strap (sold separately)

Extras: USB port with charging option, transport wheels

Maximum user weight: 120 kg

Weight of the treadmill: 72 kg

Purpose: domestic use

Warranty: 2 years

678 679 Ft
678 679 Ft
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Flow Fitness futópad DTM200i

The DTM200i walking treadmill by Flow Fitness is a piece of equipment that helps you stay healthy and fit during home training. The 121 x 48 cm belt allows you to comfortably and safely walk and even run. The simple structure and uncomplicated operation of the platform make it ideally suited to support older people who should remain active for health purposes, and not always have the opportunity to go for longer walks. The treadmill will also be useful for rehabilitation of people with knee, hip or metatarsal injuries and injuries. They can slowly start walking without exposing themselves to uneven ground on the outside. The equipment will also work for obese people who should not start their activity with heavy loads.

The platform can be used in two ways. On the flat treadmill, you can take leisurely walks anywhere in your home. In this configuration, the equipment will reach a maximum speed of 6 km / h, which is equivalent to the pace of an intense hike. However, if you want to speed up a little or feel more stable on the platform, just lift the handle with the bar. This setting allows you to reach speeds of up to 12 km / h.

The platform can be folded in half and conveniently stored in a place where it will not be disturbed on a daily basis.


Dimensions: 153 x 79.2 x 13.9 cm (L x W x H)
Walking belt size: 121 x 48 cm (L x W)
Weight: 33 kg
Maximum user weight: 100 kg
Displayed values: time, speed, distance, number of steps, calories burned
Training programs: 2
Engine power: 1 CHP
Speed range: 0.8 - 12 km / h
Compatible Applications: KS fit
Pulse measurement: none
Extras: transport wheels, tablet holder, possibility of setting the treadmill in two configurations
Purpose: home use
Warranty: 3 years

Walking and running on the Flow Fitness DTM200i treadmill can be made even more fun with the KS Fit app. You will find attractive training schedules on it, and above all, you can use it to set the speed of the belt. It records your results so you can track your progress closely.

If you've finished your walking tour, you definitely want to share your record! You can exchange your achievements with others through the app. Which family or friends did you beat today?

KS Fit is a free application that can be easily downloaded to your iPhone or Android phone.

417 544 Ft
417 544 Ft
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PREMIUM BT 3138 Treadmill

PREMIUM BT 3138 Treadmill

The PREMIUM BT 3138 electric treadmill is a safe and comfortable device with which your training will be effective and its effects will be quickly noticeable. The computer with LCD screen controls the most important training parameters and allows you to choose a variety of training programs.

Product description:

  • equipped with a 1.5 HP DC motor (3.0 HP peak) with adjustable speed from 0.8-12 km / h,
  • cushioned running belt with dimensions of 120 x 40 cm,
  • manual, 3-step adjustment of the inclination angle of the treadmill,
  • sensors for measuring the pulse on the handrail,
  • 16 permanent programs + 1 manual,
  • modern computer with functions: time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse, SCAN
  • front panel with pockets for accessories, tray for mobile devices, place for a water bottle,
  • foldable treadmill structure makes it easy to store the device,
  • two-point cylinder for safe folding,
  • transport wheels for easy moving of the treadmill.

Technical data:

  • dimensions after unfolding:
  • length: 156 cm,
  • width: 69 cm,
  • height: 125 cm.
  • dimensions after folding:
  • length: 84 cm,
  • width: 69 cm,
  • height: 140 cm.
  • product weight: 38.5 kg, in the package: 46 kg,
  • maximum user weight 100 kg.
  • the equipment is covered by a 24-MONTH warranty,
  • the device is intended for home use,
  • the treadmill complies with the European safety standard EN957,
  • the computer complies with the EU ROHS directive (limiting the content of harmful materials),
  • it should be remembered that measuring the heart rate with the use of sensors in the product gives approximate (approximate) results. It is not a medical product.

292 357 Ft
292 357 Ft
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Schwinn 510T electric futópad

Schwinn 510T electric treadmill


The Schwinn 510T electric treadmill is a proposal from the Schwinn brand treadmill. Two LCD displays, a 3 CHP continuous motor, 16 different training programs and the ability to adjust the incline of the treadmill in the range of 0-15%, as well as an affordable price, certainly fully adequate to quality, make this item very willingly chosen by customers looking for a top shelf treadmill for home use.

Model 570T also has the ability to track their activities using many compatible applications available in Android and App Store stores and conduct training in the so-called virtual reality - take part in the London marathon or in one of the many events that provides integration with the RunSocial platform. What's more, unlike other solutions of this type on the market, the RunSocial platform will make it possible for friends and other users of Nautilus equipment to train with you at the same time as you. You can experience all this in real time on the screen of your device. Schwinn equipment will make your training never become monotonous, bringing sensations associated with it and quality to a whole new, much higher level!


Display: two high-resolution backlit LCD displays with the ability to track and control two independent training parameters
Training in virtual reality mode: possible thanks to the RunSocial application
Engine: 3.0 CHP
Training programs: 16 - including interval workouts, fat burning, based on target pulse, predefined, individual and fast target type
Number of user profiles: 4 (the ability to compare results as well as compete, define goals or earn achievements and awards)
Apps and activity tracking: the ability to transfer training data via USB and synchronize them with sites such as Schwinn Connect ™, Under Armor or MyFitnessPal
Functions: speed, time, distance, calories, pulse, incline of the treadmill
Speed: 0-19,3 km / h
Slope: electronic regulation in the range of 0-15%
Rolls: 6.35 cm (2.5 ")
Tread area: 140 x 50 cm (L x W)
Belt: 2-layer 2.0 mm
Deck: 25 mm
A console with space for a tablet
Data transmission: Bluetooth (BLE 4.0)
Treadmill cushioning: SoftTrakTM Cushioning System technology that is designed to make the exercising experience as close as possible to a real outdoor run
Pulse: measurement through sensors placed on the handles, as well as via a telemetry belt (belt included in the kit)
Folding: easy and secure thanks to the SoftDrop ™ system that allows you to unfold the treadmill with one click
Quick access keys at your fingertips: for conveniently changing the speed and incline of the treadmill during training
Fan: 3 levels of airflow rate control
Additional equipment: USB port with the possibility of charging devices, transport wheels, 2 phone / bottle pockets, speakers with Mp3 input, security key
Unfolded race track dimensions: 196.1 x 89.4 x 146.3 cm (L x W x H)
Folded track dimensions: 125.2 x 89.4 x 165.9 cm (L x W x H)
Package dimensions: 210.8 x 76.2 x 33 cm (L x W x H)
Product weight: 97.5 kg
Product weight in packaging: 110.2 kg
Maximum user weight: 136 kg

626 501 Ft
626 501 Ft
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Test Sculputre PREMIUM BT 5807 futópad

Body Sculputre PREMIUM BT 5807 treadmill

The PREMIUM BT 5807 electric treadmill is a new proposal from the Body Sculpture brand among the equipment for running training at home. The advantages of the treadmill include powerful engine, wide range of speed regulation, cushioned belt and tread angle adjustment. Thanks to the cushioning technology used, muscle fatigue and joint stress are significantly reduced. A computer with a Deluxe LCD screen controls the most important training parameters and enables the selection of various training programs.


  • high-quality, solid treadmill for individual running and walking
  • cushioned, non-slip treadmill belt 125 x 45 cm
  • equipped with a DC motor with a power of 1.25 HP (peak value 2.5 HP) with the possibility of speed control from 1-16 km / h
  • electronic tread angle adjustment up to 10%
  • sensors for measuring pulse and fat burning (Body Fat) on the handrail
  • easily accessible buttons for adjusting the speed and incline of the treadmill
  • 19 training programs: 1 manual, 15 permanent, 3 users
  • computer with Deluxe LCD display with functions: time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse, Body Fat - measurement of fat burning
  • a safety key that turns off the treadmill if it falls
  • front panel with water bottle pockets, accessories, tray for mobile devices
  • speakers compatible with MP3 player, iPhone and Smart phone
  • foldable treadmill design makes it easy to store the device
  • two-point cylinder ensuring safe folding
  • transport wheels for easy moving of the treadmill
  • dimensions when unfolded: length: 160.9 cm, width: 74.8 cm, height: 131.9 cm
  • dimensions after folding: length: 110.7 cm, width: 74.8 cm, height: 137.5 cm
  • product weight: 63 kg, packaging: 72 kg, maximum user weight: 110 kg

417 675 Ft
417 675 Ft
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