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Metal detector MacGyver 101228

The MacGyver metal detector will make you diversify your treasure hunt expeditions. It is versatile, lightweight and easy to use. When you come across a rock, it will make a sound, but if you care about privacy, you can attach headphones to the detector. Thanks to this, only you will hear the sounds it makes, and also extend the life of the battery and hear the differences better.

The detector has three operating modes: all metal, disc and pinpoint. All metal allows you to search for metals. Thanks to it, you will identify the material from which the find is made. Disc determines the type that has been detected, and Pinpoint tracking helps pinpoint the exact location underground. The 19 cm diameter waterproof search coil allows you to search along the shoreline without fear of flooding the detector. The hardware assembly is simple and requires no additional tools. The structure is foldable, making the device easy to transport.

The set includes a spade with which you can easily dig up your finds. It is made of plastic, so it does not interfere with the search when attached to the detector.


Power supply: 2 x 9V batteries (not included)
Spatula included
Coil diameter: 19 cm
Working modes: 3
Headphone input

MacGyver gives you what every traveler needs. A weekend in the woods, a fishing trip or a mountain hike - MacGyver is for you. The brand was created out of a passion for travel, spending time actively in nature and, most importantly, out of love for survival. Thanks to a wide selection of multi-functional tools, knives, axes, sappers made of durable materials, you can do practically everything - from lighting a fire to building a hut.

MacGyver is not only equipment for coping in the field - the offer also includes amateur fishing rods with accessories, flashlights and headlamps, lamps and binoculars. You don't have to worry about having nowhere to pack your gear - MacGyver comes to meet you. MacGyver tactical backpacks are durable and extremely functional bags that blend in perfectly with the forest surroundings.

What are you waiting for? Go out into the world.

41 657 Ft
41 657 Ft
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