On Running Sweat Nadrág W 24600333

On Running Sweat Pants W 24600333


  • Designed in Switzerland, these pants are perfect for warming up, cooling down and, above all, for regenerating after a run and after training. It's all you need from your favorite sweatpants with just the right amount of stretch fabric, whether you're getting ready or relaxing after a workout.
  • The pants are made of a technical blend of recycled polyester and high-performance natural materials. This unique combination retains heat while keeping it light, ventilated and soft. In other words: Comfortable but not baggy.
  • High-performance fabrics ensure continuous work in your comfort zone - whether you're warming up for a tough session, running a cool lap or relaxing on the couch. They are also practical - for example, secure zipped pockets keep your valuables safe.


  • Cotton


  • navy
57 430 Ft
57 430 Ft
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