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Acél tent tent High Peak T-Peg 2 db 42211

Steel tent tent High Peak T-Peg 2 pcs 42211

Steel herring for tents, from High Peak.

Dimensions: 300 x 20 mm

2 pcs included

Total weight: 380 g

2 920 Ft
2 920 Ft
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Acél thermos XD Collection P433.452

Steel thermos XD Collection P433.452


  • Sealed vacuum flask 500 ml.
  • 304 stainless steel inside and 201 stainless steel outside.
  • Equipped with a portable wireless speaker located in the base.
  • BT 4.2 technology with a range of 10 m.
  • The built-in 450 mAh polymer battery allows you to play music for up to 4 hours.
  • Micro USB cable included.

Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 26.7 cm
Material: Stainless steel, ABS

4 172 Ft
4 172 Ft
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Allround Cruiser 650065 shopping trolley

Children, work, preparing meals, cleaning the house, walking the dog ...

The sheer volume of duties means that you do not have time to do everyday small purchases? You end up buying supplies once a week and then tire of carrying unpacked bags home.

Sounds familiar? You may not change everything, but you can certainly make your errands easier. The Cruiser shopping cart is the perfect solution to help you transport your supplies without having to carry them around.

A shopping cart of the renowned Dutch brand Cruiser is comfort and safety

You can conveniently do the shopping and do not strain your joints with excessive kilograms. Cruiser strollers designed in the Netherlands are a guarantee of durability and European quality.

The capacity of the Allround by the Cruiser is 60 liters. You can easily put up to 25 kg of purchases into it. There is an additional 4 liter thermal bag inside. Thanks to it, you can make long purchases even in summer without fear that the products will lose their properties under the influence of high temperatures. You can detach the stroller from the aluminum frame and use it as a classic shoulder bag. The set includes a strap.

The empty Cruiser weighs 3.5 kg. It is made of waterproof, durable nylon and polyester, and is placed on an aluminum frame. It is a product for everyone. It will help seniors with daily shopping, parents when carrying more supplies, and pregnant women who should not carry anything. If you have problems with your joints, you have had surgery or an injury, the stroller will help you with your errands. It will also be useful for every supporter of a healthy lifestyle, a visitor to market stalls. By packing purchases straight into the trolley, you don't need plastic bags, so you save the environment. In addition, you save time and do not have to repackage the products.

A trip to the store is not the only time when Cruiser comes to your aid. You can pack a picnic lunch, beach and plot in the trolley. It can also be used by postmen, who will definitely be useful at work.

Large and quiet wheels will allow you to comfortably use the stroller on a variety of surfaces. Additionally, the fenders minimize the risk of getting dirty in the rain.

The stroller has been designed to help you as much as possible while shopping. It has a lot of amenities that you will surely pay attention to and appreciate in everyday use.

With the help of two special hooks you can attach your trolley to the shopping basket. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to do your shopping, and then you can calmly pack it the way you want.
The shopping trolley has a vertically adjustable handle. You can set it at any angle for convenient use.
Designers thought even about the smallest details. There is an umbrella pocket on the side of the stroller. Thanks to this, you can freely shop even in rainy weather.
There are reflective elements on the top of the cart for better visibility when you come back with your shopping after dark.
The shopping bag is made of a mixture of nylon and polyester. Inside there is a PVC layer that keeps your purchases dry even when you come home from the store in the rain. The great advantage of polyester fabrics is that they are resistant to mold and moth. You don't have to worry about unpleasant smells accumulating inside the bag.

Technical data:

Trolley dimensions: 100 x 35 x 45
Trolley weight: 3.5 kg
Blue color
Material: nylon and polyester, aluminum frame
Capacity: 60 l
Maximum load of the trolley: 25 kg
Thermal bag capacity: 4 l
Thermal bag dimensions: 54 x 31 x 24 cm
Warranty: 2 years

34 456 Ft
34 456 Ft
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Alu High Peak tent csapok 6pcs 42227


High Peak aluminum tent pins.

Dimensions: 180 x 6 mm.

6 pcs in the set

3 840 Ft
3 840 Ft
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Annex to a tent holland Hegyek Fold 4an

Extend the roof tent with a vestibule and discover a new level of camping.

It cannot be denied that camping is a great idea to spend time in nature, with family or friends. It is becoming more and more fashionable. A camping trip together is an adventure that you will remember for years. Thanks to modern solutions and thoughtful designs, Dutch Mountains takes a camping trip to the next level.

The Dutch Mountains FOLD 4 tent will allow you to stay wherever you dream. Take the first step and go on a journey. After that, you can sleep comfortably wherever you drive in and stop. The atmosphere that accompanies spending the night in the bosom of nature is unique. If you dream of additional space just for you, provide it by attaching the bottom annex to the tent. The vestibule is perfect even in difficult off-road conditions and is easy to assemble.

There are 2 windows and 3 door openings in the lower annex. Depending on your preferences, you can cover or reveal them. Each has an additional mosquito net that will protect you against mosquitoes. All you need to do is put a light source in the annex and you can relax until late in the evening, in nature, away from unpleasant insect bites.

You can adjust the vestibule to the tent exactly to your needs. Thanks to the telescopic posts, you can easily adjust its height to ensure 100% comfort. The aluminum posts are light and their adjustment is very easy.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 310 x 300 x 190 cm (L x W x H)
Smooth height adjustment of posts: 89 - 230 cm
Mounting method: attached to the tent with a zipper and Velcro
Grey colour
Material: waterproof Oxford 420D fabric (PU 2000mm)
Warranty: 2 years

About the brand:

Camping is second nature to the Dutch. This is what inspired them to create the Dutch Mountains brand based on many years of experience, material development and new production capabilities - a brand that guarantees a new level of camping comfort.

Dutch Mountains offers a wide range of essential camping accessories. Great value for money. Tents, sleeping bags, backpacks made of strong and light materials - all in one place.

250 591 Ft
250 591 Ft
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BB 6360 balance lemez

A balancing disc is irreplaceable in balance, correction and coordination exercises. Its unstable surface requires proper posture and balance. Training on a balancing disc engages the abdominal, waist, thigh and buttock muscles to slimmer and shape your body.


A balancing disc to improve posture, balance and body coordination
Large disk surface for the convenience of the exerciser
Disc diameter: 40 cm


A balancing disc is irreplaceable in balance, correction and coordination exercises
Its unstable surface requires proper posture and balance
To be used during exercises with people of any age group
The unique BB 6360 balancing disc is used for fun, rehabilitation and exercises with people of all ages
Exercises where the condition is to maintain balance on an unstable surface in various positions (squat, standing or on one leg) engage the deep (postural) muscles responsible for proper posture and balance
The disc allows you to exercise and strengthen the sense of balance, it teaches coordination of movement and visual-motor coordination
Balance disc training engages the abdominal, waist, thigh and buttock muscles to slimmer and improve your figure


The product is intended for home use
The product is covered by a 24-MONTH warranty

31 324 Ft
31 324 Ft
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Bertoni Sherpa 250 mummy sleeping táska

Bertoni Sherpa 250 mummy sleeping bag




  • Sleeping outdoors is a unique and exciting experience, but only with a good sleeping bag will you be able to rest comfortably and safely .
  • Sleeping bags by Italian company Bertoni ensure a good night's sleep, without worrying about the weather or back pain the next day: they are practical, comfortable, warm, hygienic and durable.
  • Each model is designed for a specific need: let's discover them together.
  • Why is it worth choosing Bertoni sleeping bags? Because everything related to outdoor is our specialty
  • Bertoni sleeping bags are tested at high and low temperatures ; are the result of careful research to create a sleeping bag that is comfortable yet versatile, indestructible yet lightweight, easy to maintain and durable over time.
  • Outer: 100% polyester 190T. Inner: 100% soft 210T microfiber
  • Lining: hollowfibre fiBer-pro Lining weight: 250 gr / m2 Dimensions: 210 + 35x80x53 cm
  • Case: drawstring bag. Weight: 1.20 kg
  • Packaging: 34 Ø 19 cm
  • Standard accessories: storage pocket, document pocket, 2 two-way zippers, Velcro fastener , padded zipper, anti-jamming system, bag hook, pouch with quick-closing drawstring.


23 191 Ft
23 191 Ft
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Bestway Double velúr matrac 191x137x22cm 67002-6225

BESTWAY DOUBLE VELOR MATTRESS 191x137x22cm 67002-6225


  • Dimensions: 190cm x 137cm x 22cm
  • A modern, double vinyl mattress, ideal for a tent and as an additional bed at home.
  • A large valve for quick pumping and deflating will make it easier for us to use.
  • The mattress is ideal for outdoor and indoor use.
  • It has a comfortable, velor coating from above.
  • In addition, the set includes a durable repair patch, which in case of failure will help in removing the fault.
11 516 Ft
11 516 Ft
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  Bestway double velúr matrac with pump, 191x137x28cm 67225-6317

Bestway double velor mattress with pump, 191x137x28cm 67225-6317


The Bestway velor mattress is designed for indoor and outdoor use, and can easily accommodate two adults. Made of strong and durable PVC material, covered with a pleasant, velor material at the top.


  • Thanks to the built-in foot pump, we can easily inflate the mattress, even when out of the house. The built-in pump also takes up less space than a traditional one. On one side of the mattress, there is a profiled, built-in pillow that increases comfort and convenience while sleeping.
  • The set with the mattress includes a durable repair patch that, in the event of a failure, will allow us to repair the defect.
  • Dimensions: 191cm x 137cm x 28cm


  • PVC material, all covered with velor


  • grenade


15 219 Ft
15 219 Ft
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Bestway Iker velúr matrac 188x99x22cm 67001-6195

BESTWAY TWIN VELOR MATTRESS 188x99x22cm 67001-6195


  • Dimensions: 188cm x 99cm x 22cm
  • Flocked air mattress, designed for one person.
  • Made of tested vinyl material and covered with a comfortable, velor surface.
  • The mattress has a detachable valve for quick inflation and deflation.
  • Ideally suited for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Complete with a special, repair patch, which in the event of a fault will allow you to repair it.
8 750 Ft
8 750 Ft
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Bestway King velúr matrac 203x183x22cm 67004-6249

BESTWAY KING VELOR MATTRESS 203x183x22cm 67004-6249


  • Dimensions: 203cm x 183cm x 22cm
  • A modern, flocked double mattress.
  • Tested, durable vinyl material and comfortable, velor sleeping surface significantly increase the convenience of use.
  • The mattress has a detachable valve for quick deflation and pumping of air.
  • Included with a repair patch, which in case of failure will allow you to repair the fault.
15 756 Ft
15 756 Ft
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Bestway Queen velúr matrac 203x152x22cm 67003-6232

BESTWAY QUEEN VELOR MATTRESS 203x152x22cm 67003-6232


  • Dimensions: 203cm x 152cm x 22cm
  • The Bestway tourist mattress is an ideal mattress that is suitable for both external and internal use.
  • A large, durable mattress easily accommodates two people, and velor upholstery will provide comfort and durability.
  • The inflatable coil-beam frame used in the mattress is responsible for connecting the upper and lower surface of the mattress, thus guaranteeing extraordinary comfort while sleeping.
  • Complete with the mattress, there is a durable repair patch that, in the event of a breakdown, will help us fix the fault.
13 682 Ft
13 682 Ft
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Bestway Single velúr matrac 185x76x22cm 67000-6188

BESTWAY SINGLE VELOR MATTRESS 185x76x22cm 67000-6188


  • Material: PVC, velor
  • Dimensions: 185cm x 76cm x 22cm
  • The Bestway Comfort Quest single mattress is an ideal proposition for everyone who values comfort and durability.
  • The mattress is light, and thanks to the unscrewed valve, it is easy to inflate and deflate.
  • It is also ideal for external use.
  • The mattress has an inflatable coil-beam frame.
  • In the set, the mattress also has a durable repair patch, which in case of a defect will help us deal with the defect.
7 149 Ft
7 149 Ft
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Bestway úszás matrac 188x71cm 43040



  • Colorful swimming mattress with a maximum load of 90kg.
  • This beach mattress was produced by the very popular Bestway company.
  • It was made of strong vinyl resistant to salt water and sunlight.
  • The presented model will provide a lot of joy during hot summer days regardless of whether you will be taking a cool bath by the lake, river, sea or in the backyard pool.
  • The mattress has a built-in pillow that improves sunbathing comfort.
  • Irreplaceable for people who want to make the most of their free time.
4 595 Ft
4 595 Ft
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Bestway velúr matrac with pump 185x76x28cm 67223-6294

BESTWAY SINGLE VELOR MATTRESS with pump 185x76x28cm 67223-6294


  • Dimensions: 185cm x 76cm x 28cm Modern, velor single mattress with a specially built-in inflator.
  • In addition, the mattress is covered with a comfortable, velor sleeping surface.
  • The mattress has a built-in pillow that significantly increases comfort.
  • A repair patch is included with the mattress.
10 607 Ft
10 607 Ft
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Bestway Voyager 2.43M 1698 felfújható hajó

Bestway Voyager 2.43M 1698 inflatable boat


  • The recreational Bestway pontoon is sure to add variety to a quiet holiday by the water.
  • The structure is made of durable vinyl that is resistant to sunlight.
  • The model is designed for use by 2 people.
  • The floor of the pontoon is pumped.
  • A special valve allows the chamber to be quickly emptied with air.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 243 cm x 102 cm

· Maximum load: 170 kg

· 3 air chambers

· Durable handle

Safety rope placed along the entire length

O oar oars

· Repair patch and oars included

39 199 Ft
39 199 Ft
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Bevásárlás cart Cruiser Expert Premium 604361

A practical and roomy shopping trolley with a comfortable, folding seat. The trolley has a spacious main compartment with a capacity of 40 liters, with a drawstring and a flap and an additional zip pocket at the back. Stiffened bottom, comfortable grip, waterproof material and comfortable fast-folding seat are the main advantages of the stroller. The seat is ideal especially for the elderly during everyday shopping, as well as while waiting for a bus or tram.


Capacity: 40 liters
Maximum bag load: 25 kg
Bag dimensions: 60 x 30 x 20 cm
Maximum seat load: 80 kg
Seat dimensions with frame: 37 x 29 cm
Dimensions of the unfolded pram: 98 x 35 x 49 cm
Dimensions of the unfolded pram (with the seat folded out): 98 x 58 x 49 cm
Trolley weight: 2.75 kg
Wheel diameter: 20 cm
Wheels made of a rubber-rubber compound suitable for all surfaces
Bag material: durable, waterproof polyester
Closing the bag: a drawstring with a stopwatch and an upper flap
Strong and lightweight aluminum frame
Stiffened bottom of the bag
Zippered back pocket
High aluminum handle with foam coating for a better grip
The bag can be removed from the frame
Securely fastening the bag to the frame using a strap and Velcro fasteners
Additional front support with rubber cover
Easy to use system for unfolding and folding the seat
Secure lock protecting the frame against accidental folding while sitting
The trolley can be pulled and pushed

34 456 Ft
34 456 Ft
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Bjorn Eva 2-layer mat 180x50x1.0cm DK 2267-1

BJORN EVA MAT 2-layer black / blue 180x50x1.0cm / DK2267-1

High-quality tourist mat from Bjorn.

SIZE 180x50cm,



PURPOSE: tourist mat.

3 612 Ft
3 612 Ft
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Bjorn Eva 2-layer mat 180x50x1.0cm DK 2267-2

BJORN EVA MAT 2-layer blue / green 180x50x1.0cm / DK2267-2


  • High-quality tourist mat from Bjorn.
  • SIZE 180x50cm,
  • THICKNESS: 10mm,
  • MATERIAL: EVA plastic
  • PURPOSE: tourist mat.
3 612 Ft
3 612 Ft
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Bjorn Eva 2-layer mat 180x60x1.0cm DK 2267-4

BJORN EVA MAT 2-layer 180x60x1.0cm / DK2267-4

High-quality tourist mat from Bjorn.

SIZE 180x60cm,



PURPOSE: tourist mat.

4 532 Ft
4 532 Ft
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Campingaz Freez Pack M20 fagyasztó betét

Campingaz Freez Pack M20 freezing insert

Camingaz Freez Pack M20 freezing insert for coolers, cool bags and backpacks. It will help you cool drinks and snacks. Filled with non-toxic liquid.

Technical data:

- dimensions: 20x17x3 cm

- weight: 760 g

- waterproof

- reusable

- easy to clean

- filled with a liquid that is a mixture of water, a dye, carboxymethyl cellulose, and acricide. Therefore, if the packaging is damaged, it is completely harmless to health.

1 583 Ft
1 583 Ft
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