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Keen Highland M 1025240 cipő

Keen Highland M 1025240 shoes


  • The Keen Highland is the perfect combination of urban style with the performance of a trekking shoe.
  • The low-profile construction of the upper with a sporty cut guarantees a soft fit, because this model is made of high-quality, certified Better Leather nubuck leather obtained in LWG tanneries.
  • Ventilating perforations are placed on the entire upper and tongue so that the footwear does not block the air and the leather breathes more.
  • In addition, the above version of the footwear is supported by a waterproof membrane .
  • The bungee lacing system, which replaces the standard laces, is a practical solution with a special lock with the possibility of a perfect fit, which allows the shoe to avoid loosening during the next kilometers.
  • The inner mesh sole quickly absorbs and wicks moisture away from the surface of the material, preventing the foot from sweating.
  • In this model, it is also worth paying attention to the soft leather finish around the ankle and a loop at the heel that makes it easier to put the shoe on the leg.
  • The Luftcell PU inner liner has a special shape that guarantees comfort even during all-day wear.
  • It has also been covered with a special Eco Odor Control coating, which is based on natural probiotics and blocks the growth of bacteria that create unpleasant odors inside the shoe.
  • The footwear has been equipped with an innovative KonnectFit heel holding system, visible in the rear part in the form of lines clamping from two sides, which harmonize with the binding system, aimed at stabilizing the entire structure and preventing the ankle twisting sideways.
  • Low weight and flexibility are due to the Eva foam midsole with high durability properties, while the pressure-injected, solvent-free Luftcell material reduces the use of polyurethanes in the sole.
30 078 Ft
30 078 Ft
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Levi's Boxer Briefs M 37149-0668

Levi's Boxer Briefs M 37149-0668


  • Gender: Male
  • Navy blue
  • Double fabric on the front.
  • The model is made of elastic fabrics.
  • Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex


11 127 Ft
11 127 Ft
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Merrell Intercept M J73703 cipő

Merrell Intercept M J73703 shoes


  • Universal men's Merrel footwear
  • The upper is made of a breathable mesh supported in the upper part with nubuck leather that protects the foot against weather conditions during long mountain treks, which also significantly increases durability.
  • It is worth paying attention to the rubber reinforcement in the front part of the upper, forming a finger guard, which will be perfect for uneven terrain
  • The tongue has been sewn from the inside to the upper, thanks to Czmue, small stones and sand do not get into the interior of the presented Merrell shoes.
  • Easy lacing system.
  • In this model, the inner lining is made of a heat-resistant nylon mesh that does not absorb sweat, transports moisture quickly and is pleasant to the skin.
  • Thanks to this, we will avoid the risk of abrasions and irritation, which may result in painful corns on longer routes.
  • In addition, the insert is made in the M-Select FRESH ™ technology and neutralizes the formation of unpleasant odors, allowing you to stay fresh for a long time.
  • The midsole of the mountain footwear features Merrell® Air Cushion with shock-absorbing and stabilizing properties.
  • Another feature that distinguishes the model is the Vibram® rubber outsole with a special, convex tread that is grippy on all terrains, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Merrell Intercept guarantees stability on wet rocks, muddy paths and dry asphalt roads due to its high-tech rubber blend.
  • In addition, it has self-cleaning channels, so the shoes do not cling to dirt and dried mud, thanks to which we will maintain safety and comfort while hiking.
55 801 Ft
55 801 Ft
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