4F Women's MRK Edző W D4L22-OBDS301-20S

4F Women's MRK Trainer W D4L22-OBDS301-20S


  • Women's.
  • Intended for training.
  • Fashionable design.
  • Airy mesh provides ventilation for the foot.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Soft and shock-absorbing insole.


Material: Synthetic, fabric

18 860 Ft
18 860 Ft
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Joma Spikes Skyfit 6728 HS-TNK-000009270 spike cipő


  • Athletic shoes, the so-called spikes, from the Spanish company Joma, model SKYFIT 6728.
  • They are ideal for cross country and medium to long distance track runs.
  • They are made of high-quality materials, which guarantees their high durability.
  • In addition, they are extremely light, one shoe weighs about 176 grams.

The set includes:

    • shoes
    • two sets of spikes (12 pieces in the set)
    • a key for screwing the spikes to the sole

The shoes are equipped with the following Joma systems:

  • Ventilation system - better air circulation in the shoe, ensures a constant foot temperature
  • Extremely light - thanks to the use of very light microfiber fibers, the shoes are very light, in addition, this material wicks sweat to the outside, which prevents the foot from sweating
  • 6 metal spikes and rubber inserts in the sole for perfect grip on wet surfaces
  • Heel counter - provides maximum protection and comfort in the heel area thanks to an even more ergonomic shape
  • Perfect fit of the sole to the foot, no tight seams increase comfort during use
20 660 Ft
20 660 Ft
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