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Balancing platform with Bosu BL001 grips

Balancing platform with Bosu BL001 handles 58cm


  • The balancing platform with SMJ grips is used for general development exercises.
  • It is a good complement to traditional exercises.
  • It engages many muscles, including deep muscles.
  • It improves balance and helps to correct posture defects.
  • Training recommended for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Regular exercise strengthens muscles and joints, helps to maintain correct posture, improves balance and corrects posture defects.
  • The set includes two handles and a pump.

Technical data:

  • Material: Ball-PVC, Platform-ABS.
  • Diameter: 58 cm
  • Height: 25 cm
  • Pump included
  • Two exercise handles
27 502 Ft
27 502 Ft
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Schildkrot 960031 balancing platform
13 240 Ft
Akció: 9 000 Ft
13 240 Ft  9 000 Ft
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Spokey 928816 balancing platform

Spokey balancing platform black and green 928816

  • The balancing platform will allow you to adopt the correct posture and improve motor coordination.
  • Non-slip construction made of durable PP material increases stability.

Technical data:

  • diameter: 39 cm
  • PP plastic platform
  • maximum user weight: 110 kg
4 255 Ft
4 255 Ft
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Ufó Select balance trainer for motor koordináció 70168

Ufo Select balance trainer for motor coordination 70168


Black colour


14 986 Ft
14 986 Ft
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