Yakima roller cart for painting a lines of a field

The high-quality machine enables the marking of pitches with the highest precision and accuracy. Suitable for marking lines on grass pitches: football, rugby, cricket, tennis, lacrosse, baseball and field hockey.

The trolley is characterized by a simple and reliable construction. It has a roller system that is used to paint the pitch line with paint on the grass. Just fill the container with paint and you can start marking the pitch right away. The trolley with the roller system is easy to clean. The line width obtained is 120 mm.

The pitch marking trolley has two inflatable wheels that ensure smooth and free use even on the most uneven ground.

The harmoniously working roller system: two aluminum wheels and one rubber wheel with grooves ensure a consistent line every time. It is a very efficient marking system.

The line painting trolley has a height-adjustable handle and rubber grips.

After finishing the painting session, you can conveniently empty the tank using the drain plug. In this way, we remove the remaining paint, preparing the trolley for cleaning. Cleaning after each use is recommended.

Technical data:

the solid frame of the trolley is made of a steel pipe, powder coated in yellow
welded steel tank holds approx. 13.8 L of paint at a time
the tank is equipped with a drain plug for emptying the tank
adjustable height of the handle with soft grips ensures comfort of use
has 2 inflatable tires with a diameter of approx. 25 x 9 cm, which ensure stability on all types of ground and obtain a constant and even line
paints lines 120 mm wide
equipped with an innovative brush system that allows you to reduce or increase the amount of paint applied to the painting wheel
the center transfer wheel is made of solid rubber with grooves to optimize paint pickup
the inner and outer wheels of the roller system are made of aluminum
stroller weight approx. 21 kg


simple and reliable
easy to clean
easy to use
can be used to mark grass pitches

Paint intensity and consumption can be controlled with spring-loaded, adjustable brushes. After the pitch marking process is complete, unused paint can be poured back into the original container. The container and rollers can be cleaned quickly and easily with clean water.

It is recommended to renew the lines every 4 weeks on average. For marking, we recommend the "Haering" pitch line paint.

For the best result, we recommend:

Adjust the handles to the correct height to make it easier to move the wheelchair around the field/court.

Making sure the brush is in the perfect position when feeding the paint as this will ensure a perfect line.

Stadium line marking paint is used in the correct concentration.

The machine is properly cleaned after each use.

219 170 Ft
219 170 Ft
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